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Importance of solar protections during sun exposure

Being aware of the possible damage of the sun and the importance of protection means having already taken an important step. In fact, depending on the age and type of skin you must expose yourself to the sun for a different time, however during peak hours avoid direct exposure. Remember that you are also exposed during physical activity outdoors in all seasons.

Often then we forget the hair.


They need protection and care; in fact, the increase in sweating, salinity, chlorine and wind make the hair opaque, fragile and stringy. The damage on chemically treated hair is even greater, as the scales remain slightly open and the action of the aforementioned agents can reach deep.

SWEET SHAMPOO: gentle and soothing emollient shampoo-shower, the hair remains soft, if necessary use the nourishing mask; excellent for the bath, leaves the skin hydrated and sanitized, then use BENESUN SPRAY moisturizing body-hair. Perfumes: coconut, myrrh, green tea and body fresh way with menthol and essential oils. 300ml.


BENESUN SOLAR MILK: This product is ideal for protection against any type of harmful sun ray, it is exceptional for the solarium. It has a 10-12 protection. 150 ml.


BENESUN ACTIVATOR: is an activator of melanin and moisturizing cream, it is used before putting the sunscreen and for the solarium. Use it even before the summer. 150 ml.


BENESUN SPRAY: is a body and hair spray with protect 10, emollient, super-moisturizing and refreshing; it is recommended to use it even after the shampoo-shower both on the body and on the hair without rinsing. 200 ml.


BENESUN CONDITIONING: It is a nourishing conditioning to moisturize dry, colored hair and for the summer and the pool. Spread on the hair washed and after a few minutes of rinsing abundantly, on particularly dry hair give some sprays of Benesun spray and go to dry. 250 ml.

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