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Blades of Grass


MODO BODY and SHAMPOO FRESH with menthol and tea tree oil, a relaxing, balsamic and anti-fatigue effect. 

How do you recognize a good shower shampoo?


For some time now, you wash frequently, so in the first place the components of the used product become very important.

Surfactants, that is the washing part, are of primary importance. Lately we talk a lot, in a negative sense, of the Laureth Sulfate Sodico. It is a slightly aggressive surfactant, but not to be demonized, especially when used in combination with surfactants derived from coconut oil.


The preservatives are much more aggressive because they can release "formaldehyde", a suspected carcinogenic and allergenic substance and cause premature cell aging.

And the fragrances?

Perfumes are considered possible allergenic substances.

Now the law plans to declare all the components of synthetic fragrances in the composition, while for the natural ones only "perfume" is written.

It is clear, however, that even natural substances can trigger allergies in a small percentage of people. The most suspicious substances should be used with caution.

SWEET SHAMPOO in the natural fragrances of MINT, MYRRH, GREEN TEA,

MODO BODY and SHAMPOO FRESH with menthol and tea tree oil, a relaxing, balsamic and anti-fatigue effect. They are formulated with surfactants derived from coconut oil, without alkaline substances, formaldehyde and with natural perfume. They are suitable for frequent washing, for sports and for summer.


Sweet bath is indicated for the skin and delicate hair of children.

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