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Blades of Grass


Face-body and Synergies


SNAIL CREAM ANTI-AGE: Anti-age effective for blotchiness and expression wrinkles. Protective, filmogenic and moisturizing action. It is enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, urea, solar filter and aloe.


ARGIRELINE CREAM with hexapeptide attenuates much muscle contraction preventing the formation of wrinkles.


ANTI-AGING CREAM with hyaluronic acid. Intensive collagen-based, acid hyaluronic acid and solar filters. Smooths wrinkles on the face and
around the eyes.


NOURISHING CREAM with collagen. Regenerating, prevents wrinkles and skin aging. Recommended as a day cream.


MOISTURIZING CREAM: Intensive and hydrating facial and eye area. For normal skin or dried and the first wrinkles.


HAND LENITIVE CREAM: excellent cream emollient hands, soothing red parts, ideal for those who work with water, soaps, dust.


ACNEIC SKIN CREAM: intensive with anti-acne action. Non-comedogenic.


DEPIGMENTANT ANTI STAINS: ideal for dark spots of hands, face and décolleté.

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